Japanese Education Exhibition 2019

Japanese Education Exhibition (JEE) is a work program as well as a yearly event of the Japanese Literature Student Association (HIMA SAJA) unikom.  The event consists of various kinds of competitions, which are divided into educational competitions and matsuri (festival) competitions. Educational competition consists of Shuuji, Kana, Kanji, Speech, Rodoku, Noken, Character Design. While the Matsuri competition consists of Cosplay, Costreet, and Sing Cover.

This year theme of JEE is “Kaiyo” which means ocean, and the title itself is “Atlantis no Takaramono” (Atlantis Treasure). This year’s JEE is different from previous years because it was not held in the Unikom campus area. The event was divided into two different days, the educational competition on Saturday, April 13, 2019 which took place at Unikom (room L.018 and 11th floor) and the festival competition on Saturday, April 20, 2019 at Banyu Leisure.

The event was opened with a welcome speech from the head of Unikom Japanese Literature Study Program, Ms. Fenny Febrianty, SS, M.Pd on the same day as the educational competition. The educational competition was attended by 68 students from different schools,  like SMAN 1 Ciwidey, SMAN 7 Bandung, MA Al-Huda, SMAN 1 Katapang, SMAN 1 Baleendah, SMA BPI 1 Bandung, Pasundan Banjaran High School, UPI Pilot Laboratory High School, SMAN 11 Bandung, SMKN 12 Bandung, SMAN 5 Bandung, and SMAN 21 Bandung.

One week later, the festival event was held from 09.00 until 20.00 WIB. Many visitors from various circles were very excited because the guest stars are quite famous, such as Heno Heno Moheji, Thousand Sunny, Lumina Scarlet Kohai, Second Generation Kirari, Tokyo Night, Eyivose, Voir, and others. The festival was also enlivened by various Special Performance, Cover Sing participants, and cosplayers.

With this JEE event, participants are expected to motivate their enthusiasm in learning, especially Japanese. By the positive comments from the contestants and visitors, this event can be called very successful. We expect that next year JEE will be even more big.

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